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 [Info]RTL Klub 13.01.2009 (Hungary)

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MessageSujet: [Info]RTL Klub 13.01.2009 (Hungary)   Mer 21 Jan - 6:49

A few years ago they were no different than a dedicated rock-band looking for success. Then a miracle happened to them. From Asia to America, teens are cheering loud for Tokio Hotel.
Here’s a band that millions of teens are admiring. They have sold millions of albums world-wide. Four German guys who some of them haven’t even turned 20 yet, but have even conquered America. We can thank the success of Tokio Hotel to these two boys: Bill and Tom Kaulitz, twins who have been making music since the age of 7. In 2001 they got together with two other guys, Gustav and Georg. Four years later the boys with the alternative-rock style had a whole management team behind them, and in under half a year, they had raked in 5.2 million to half a billion Forints. (that’s Hungarian currency)
Bill: We were overly thankful. It’s unbelievable that we have this much success in Israel too. We would have never thought of this!
From then they have gone to five continents, and everywhere video-cameras are following them, the clips that we are giving you belong to TH TV.
They can thank their unbelievable success not just to their sound, but their emotional lyrics also. They sing about being betrayed at a young age, serious feelings, pain, forced separation, and break-ups/divorce.
Girl-Fan: They are very independent and they have a lot to say in their lyrics. That is why I’m learning German, to understand them.
Fan #2: They have strong feelings, that, I don’t even know, make us feel their pain.
Unbelievable, but these boys that came from East Germany region went all the way to the peaks of the world’s top lists. At their concerts the fans are just hysterical.
Tom: One of my fans ran up onto the stage, ran past Gustav, Georg, and Bill, then came and jumped on me.
The boys are living a luxury life and they drive madly expensive cars, they have become real world-wide stars. On these clips they have inherited last years American turn-abouts. In Los Angeles and New York, they step up and give concerts in many clubs. The fans across the sea are so dedicated to even know all of the German lyrics also. Tokio Hotel, or TH have even stirred up Hungary. They have played concerts in Budapest twice, where both times they met hysterical fans. Then even in the focus camera, they spoke of their own lives.
Interviewer: Do you have girlfriends?
Tom: A girlfriend? No. Only sometimes. But no.
Their uniqueness is still unbreakable. These girls have traveled from their own homes to meet their all-time idols.
Fan in white: We will never forget it, but I think we were one of the most loyal fans. When they came out, I started to cry.
Fan in black: Yeah, we went head-over-heels.
Last year the fans planned a get together where they created the band logo out of gummy candies. :rotfl:
Girl fan: Some people tease us on the streets, but well, this just goes with it.
Boy fan: For me for example they curse, snarling and showing hand-gestures. (me –>:beat: )
The most unique out of the band is probably Bill, the singer. With androgynous looks and make up wearing habits he looks more like a Manga figure, yet girls still adore him.
Middle-fan: I don’t find him girly, just others’ opinions don’t matter to him.
Guy fans rely on Bill too. Kalmand Roland (fan-boy’s name) is only 14 years old, yet he has already been to their concert 2 years ago. He paints his nails black and his style mostly resembles an emo, but he heavily speaks that Tokio Hotel is not an emo band, they simply play rock music. He also doesn’t mind that people make fun of him for his style.
Kalmand Roland- I don’t really advertise that I like Tokio Hotel, because people immediately turn them down. And the people who put them down, they haven’t even heard Tokio Hotel’s music, they just turn them down because others to or… well… because of Bill’s emo-makeup look.
And some fans get prepared in classic, Tokio Hotel make-up.
So here is a European band that are very young, very new and original, and have a changing reputation. But one thing’s for sure, Tokio Hotel’s history isn’t even near the end yet

Voila la preuve de qui je suis ^^

Willkommen in Deutschland ,
Guten Tag,

mein Name ist Samy Deluxe. Nein, nicht der bekannte MC.

Mein Name ist Samy Deluxe, das verkannte Genie.
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[Info]RTL Klub 13.01.2009 (Hungary)
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