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 [Scan] Is Bill Kaulitz Gay?

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MessageSujet: [Scan] Is Bill Kaulitz Gay?   Mer 21 Jan - 6:39

Is Bill just friends with Andi or is there more?
Big disorder by lots of Tokio -fans. Bill is seen a lot lately with a blonde guy. Just a friend, like a german magazine claims, or is there more?
The rumours are going, and someone of Tokio Hotels entourage makes it even worse.
Today they are in L.A, tomorrow in Japan and the day after tomorrow again in Germany. The boys of Tokio travel all around the world and get to know a lot of people. But still there is one guy that is with them a lot: Andreas, alias Andi. Andi is a 19-year-old boy that knows Bill and Tom since they were children.
“We are best friends for a very long time”, Bill told once. “Andi knows everything about me and I can trust him in any way. Also, he never laughed at me for my looks, like many of my classmates did. I think he is amazing and he is very funny!”
But… a source out of the entourage of Tokio Hotel -who wishes to stay anonymous- claims that now there is more then just friendship. “Andi and Bill are always together’, he says. “When Bill has to perform, Andi is always looking from the crowd. On tour they even sleep in the same hotel room. I’m sure that Bill and Andi are a couple, but I think that they are keeping their relationship a secret because an outing would be bad for the popularity of the band.”
Is it true? Is there more going on? We tried to get Bill on the line for comment, but we weren’t able before printing this number. So for now it still guessing for Bill’s sexuality.
Together to Coldplay
Andi doesn’t only companie Bill during the Tokio Hotel-tours and concerts, they also go out together. A while ago Bill even treat Andi on tickets for a concert of Coldplay
Bill and Tom in Ibiza!
When we called the twins a few weeks back for their comment on their place in our Hottie Top 10, the Kaulitz brothers told us that they would spent the holidays at home. On the last moment Bill and Tom had a great idea and decided to fly to Ibiza to start 2009 there… We don’t blame them. Sun, sea and beach sound a lot more exciting then “kerststol”
What do YOU think about all this? Could Bill Kaulitz really be a gay? After all, we have never seen him with any girlfriends,and even the ugliest of the ugliest loosers have girlfriends. (we’re not saying he’s gay though)
So, could this be true - or NOT?

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Mein Name ist Samy Deluxe, das verkannte Genie.
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[Scan] Is Bill Kaulitz Gay?
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